2018 – 2019 Program

Sep 10
The Streets of Havana – Peter Ferguson
Old cars, colourful people and fascinating buildings make Havana a paradise for photographers. Share in the experience with images and anecdotes from this colourful island city.
Sep 24 Competition #1
Oct 1 Understanding Light – Ray Sopczuk
Ray will give us a thorough explanation of light and its qualities and how to put it to practical use. There will be an opportunity to shoot, so bring your cameras.
Oct 15 Competition #2
Nov 5 Studio Portrait Lighting – Charles Vandersluys
Our very own Charles will bring in some studio lighting and teach us how to use a light meter and how to create different lighting patterns to create a great portrait.
Nov 19 Competition #3
Dec 3 Finding Your Creative Self – Doug Hansgate
This program will focus on taking your images beyond what your camera sees. Learn how to explore a more full and complete understanding of how we can become creative artists, not just photographers. I have for years said that I don’t take pictures but rather create images. Let me show you how to explore your creative nature, in camera and in post-production.
Dec 17 Competition #4 (Christmas Potluck)
Jan 7 Macro Oil and Water by Cheryl Belczak
We’ll have fun trying to mix them! Tips, tricks and ideas for creating impactful images with two simple ingredients. Join us for a short presentation and then to give it a try yourself! There will be three workstations so bring your
camera, tripod and macro lens (if you have one). This is a fun and engaging way to photograph during the cold winter months when you want to stay home and warm.
Jan 21 Competition #5
Feb 4 Composites – Bill Carpenter

Extraction, background selection and fine tuning.
Feb 25 Competition #6
Mar 4 Impactful Landscapes – Dave Lindey
By diligently planning, we will give ourselves the best opportunity to capture the best light that a scene demands. Making an artful landscape is a process…. Plan, Visualize, Compose, Shoot and Experiment!
18-Mar Image of the Year Competition
TBD Rainbow Competition
TBD Awards Banquet